Welcome to Your CPN Client Upgrade Center

EVERFI/CPN Foundry clients can find helpful updates, FAQs, and valuable resources related to their planned Vector LMS upgrade.

Welcome to Your CPN Client Upgrade Center

EVERFI/CPN Foundry clients can find helpful updates, FAQs, and valuable resources related to their planned Vector LMS upgrade.

Latest Update

As we announced in August, EVERFI’s Higher Education business and the Campus Prevention Network joined the Vector Solutions family. This next year, we’re excited to share that EVERFI CPN Foundry clients will be upgraded to our award-winning Vector Learning Management System that’s used by millions of Higher Ed administrators and learners! We’ve developed this helpful resource center so that clients can find information related to the planned upgrade in one convenient location.
Please turn up your audio to watch this short video message from Holly Rider-Milkovich, Vice-President of Vector Solutions' Campus Prevention Network Impact Team, who outlines our plans .
Adoption Program


Clients can easily and conveniently review our communications about the EVERFI HE Business and CPN Team acquisition and the planned upgrade to Vector LMS. We’ll continue to populate this section with future communications and updates as they become available.

November 2021
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August 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions - Upgrade

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of our work together with EVERFI CPN clients, and this is especially true for our upgrade process. Here are answers to important Upgrade, Product and General questions from our clients.

We’re building our upgrade schedule around the academic calendar to minimize disruption to high-volume implementation periods.

Our goal is for all clients to complete their upgrade by December 31st, 2022.

You’ll be notified well in advance of your upgrade window so you and your team have time to fully prepare.


Our popular Vector LMS is used by millions of higher education administrators and learners each year. It offers a wide variety of features that will be new to CPN Foundry clients, including many that clients have been requesting:

  • Maximize Your Data: The new Vector LMS platform will make your data easier to access, understand, and put to use at your campus or organization.
  • Elective Learning is built into Vector’s LMS platform to make non-required courses easier to access without making training assignments!
  • Repeated Training Plan Option for annual / every two years retraining, etc. Set up your training plan and it will automatically repeat based on your timing.
  • Administrator Reports can be emailed automatically to staff you designate.


Our goal is to make your upgrade as easy and effective as we can for you, maintaining the course topics and key functionality you rely on, while finding ways to improve on your current platform. It is our sincere commitment to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Our work and impact together mean too much for any other option.

We understand this is a big event for you and your team and its success takes pre-planning now.

  • Please start communicating with your campus business partners, including your IT Team, to let them know your upgrade is coming next year.
  • Our Upgrade Team will contact you in the next month with documentation for your IT Team and additional information about next year's upgrade process.


  • We are managing your upgrade process and will communicate with you on a regular basis about your progress.
  • We are creating training resources to help you and your team become successful with your new Vector LMS platform.
  • Our goal is to do as much of the work as possible. We plan to migrate your data and system configuration to your Vector LMS.


We’re working to create a variety of implementation materials and training resources to help you easily and successfully roll out your new Vector LMS to your campus community. We will communicate with you as these resources become available.


The next step in the process is that our Upgrade Team will contact you in the next month with documentation for your IT team and additional information about next year’s upgrade process.


Our Upgrade Team is currently in the process of creating new API documentation and FAQs. Once these resources are available, we will share them with clients.

Yes, there will be new SCORM packages for CPN courses. We are currently working on the details of our upgrade timeline and will communicate with clients when the new SCORM packages will be available as soon as we have that information.

Thank you, we’re delighted that our clients are excited to upgrade and move to Vector LMS early. A client’s ability to move is predicated on a number of development factors and we’ll know who can move early soon and will be in touch with those clients with more information.

Thanks for your question. If each school within a system manages their own EVERFI Foundry account, we will be reaching out to each school directly.

Frequently Asked Questions - Product

The Campus Prevention Network Impact Team of prevention and compliance experts and social science researchers will continue to ensure that Vector Solutions products and resources are data-driven and evidence-based.

As we look ahead to an integrated course catalogue, we will prioritize factors like demonstrated efficacy, basis in research, and content rigor, and are committed to maintaining programs that have been proven effective in peer-reviewed studies (e.g., AlcoholEdu for College, Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates, etc.)


Yes! We’re planning to invest in three core areas:
  • New student courses to address changing campus safety, well-being, and inclusion landscape, plus updates to current courses.
  • New faculty and staff courses as well as regularly updating existing courses.
  • New platform features/functionalities that add value and efficiency, along with technology solutions and integrations that connect our work to the broader ecosystem of impact.
An organization that is simply providing prevention and compliance programs is merely a vendor, not a strategic partner. We recognize the strategic importance of this work, and that prevention is a process and not only a program.

Yes! We recognize the importance of aligning student and employee courses with your institution’s unique mission, culture, and priorities.

To support this need, we already offer platform functionality that allows for customization of courses and will be expanding that capability even more.

Giving you the ability to include institution-specific content at key points in critical courses ensures consistency across your overall prevention processes.


Yes, the CPN Impact Team is now part of Vector Solutions and was a big reason Vector Solutions was so interested in acquiring EVERFi’s Higher Education business.

This team brings subject matter expertise in alcohol and substance misuse, diversity and inclusion, mental well-being, sexual and gender-based violence, fraternity and sorority life, higher education law and policy, human development, health communication, program evaluation, social and behavioral science, student success, advanced statistical analysis. These on-staff experts will ensure that everything we do is evidence-based and impactful, utilizing public health frameworks to inform our courses and resources and drive meaningful change on campus and community outcomes.


We have been reaching out to all CPN clients to be sure they are aware of the full suite of Higher Education products that Vector Solutions offers including training, strategic data tools, incident reporting, and safety communications.

Now as a Vector Solutions client, you’ll receive discounts as you add solutions to your annual subscription, which can mean significant savings for your budget. If you’d like to learn more, please contact your Account Manager.


Yes. The Vector LMS provides similar functionality using slightly different terminology and data structures. To create clarity on both the functionality and terminology, our Upgrade Team will provide Foundry users with a user guide to capture and define these distinctions.

Yes. User privileges are a function of the permissions feature in the Vector LMS platform. A user account can be configured to allow both administrator and learner privileges.

We are currently exploring this topic with EVERFI’s development team who will need to assist with this process. Our goal is to make accessing your new Vector LMS easy and convenient for you and your users and plan to redirect a client’s Foundry platform login url to their new Vector LMS login url.

Frequently Asked Questions - General

As our largest competitor, Vector Solutions has always respected EVERFI and the CPN Team. They have done a tremendous job serving their Higher Education clients for over 20 years, with a demonstrable commitment to impact with their evidence-based prevention programs and on-staff subject matter experts.

By joining our two companies and combining the strengths that each company brings, we are better positioned to serve Higher Education than ever before with more resources, more staff, and more solutions. We will be able to deliver a superior product offering and unmatched customer experience and are making a significant investment in order to be able to do that. We are committed to Higher Education and helping campus administrators solve the pressing issues of today, and tomorrow, with innovative technology solutions.


We just convened our 14th Annual Campus Prevention Network Summit, and have made the event recordings openly available to all of our partners. We intend to continue this popular event because we know how much our clients value it so that members receive the most value for our work.


Thought Leadership

Resources (Under Construction)

We're currently building a variety of helpful training and implementation resources to help you communicate this upgrade out to your campus community. We will communicate with you when these complementary resources become available.

Coming Soon - Training
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Coming Soon - Implementation
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